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Zach Condon on being notoriously bad at school (Interview via SF Weekly)

  • Ben Westhoff:  Last question. You dropped out of four different colleges, right? Which ones?
  • Zach Condon:  I dropped out of high school too! (Laughs.) All right, there was Santa Fe Community College, UNM (University of New Mexico), and TVI (the former name of Central New Mexico Community College). Also, actually, I went to SVA – School of Visual Arts – here in New York, for about a week. I was so notoriously bad at school; I couldn’t get it together to do that work. Not that I have anything against it. I think it’s quite logical for most people. UNM actually asked us to come play a show. I had dropped out of UNM in a very bad way. I got a call while I was literally walking to class that [BadaBing Records’] Ben Goldberg wanted to release [my] album. It was my first month of school. I literally threw my backpack on the ground on the spot, and I told him, ‘Yeah, I’m coming out to New York, I’ll meet you there.’ And then I just turned around and walked home that day. I’m sure all my teachers said, ‘Where did he go? Wasn’t there another kid in this class?’

Source: blogs.sfweekly.com


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